About Us

I am pleased that you have made the commitment to join the NEW CENTURY  21 Connect Realty.  I believe that you will discover that you have joined a unique and progressive real estate organization that is fanatically focused on the success of the agents affiliated with our team.

Notice that I used the word commitment…I could have used “decision” just as easily, but it wouldn’t have been an accurate description of the choice you have made.  By choosing CENTURY  21 Connect Realty as your business partner, you have made a commitment to your business and we have chosen to make a commitment to you.  That commitment starts first with offering you the most up to date tools & resources in the industry, combined with the best & smartest training available.  That is my initial part of the commitment to you.  Your part?  To master the tools & resources and take full advantage of the opportunities afforded to you by enhancing your skills and education.  If we work together as a team in this area with total commitment to each other, our success together is guaranteed.

Over the next few months you are going to learn many new skills and procedures.  We expect you to be a diligent self starter, who will take this information and apply it as quickly and thoroughly as possible.  Our industry is evolving rapidly with new technology and the consumer is demanding that their agent of choice be SMARTER, BOLDER & FASTER in this new world in which we live.  Even experienced agents with a proven record of success are being challenged to keep pace in a rapidly changing environment.  Our commitment to you is to ensure that you have access to the tools you need to compete at a high level…it is vital that you have an equal commitment to master the tools.

After more than 28 years in Atlanta real estate and more than 10,000 properties sold, my excitement today is helping people just like you grow and manage their business in a way that allows them to achieve the financial success they desire while maintaining a healthy balance in their lives.  That’s why I started CENTURY  21 Connect Realty and what I hope to accomplish in our relationship together.  Let’s work together as partners in your business to help you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself and maintain a healthy work/life balance.  More important than any amount of money we can earn is the relationships we have in our lives with others and our creator.  My personal goal for this year is to work hard; play hard; & pray hard. 

Again, welcome to the NEW CENTURY  21 Connect Realty.  I am proud to have you with us.

Mike Prewett, President

CENTURY 21 Connect Realty